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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

We not only build, but we also maintain your website to keep it functioning optimally.

Script Update

We keep your website’s scripts and plugins/modules updated to their newest versions, to keep the site running at optimum performance.

Error/Bug Fixes

We help fix your website errors and bugs in order to restore your site to normalcy and reduce downtime at low cost.

Web Optimization

Here we employ strategies and experiments to improve website’s performance and it’s ability to drive business goals.

Cross-Browser Testing

As part of our maintenance routine, we carry out cross-browser testing to ensure the site is working well in new and updated browsers.

Advanced Web Maintenance Strategies for New Firms

Regular website maintenance keeps your website up to date, safe to use and working in perfect condition.

Ensure device compatibility
Server side update including regular backups.
Support, including help with using CMS
CMS updates, including security patches and plugins update