Welcome to Whitestar Media Ltd!
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Website Development

We design different kinds of websites

Innovative & creative design elements incorporated into every web page.

We provide the best user-interface experience to clients.

A vibrant on-line presence is a necessity for any business to compete favorably in the contemporary society. Here we try to understand our client’s needs and then create a website with stunning graphics using a good UI/UX design that’ll convert random site visitors into paying customers. We design and maintain different kinds of sites; from simple blogs/portfolio sites to e-commerce web stores with payment gateways.

Web Design/Redesign
Web Optimization
Web Maintenance
Content Update
We have a fine taste for Design, Technology & Quality

Here we try to understand our client’s business goals and then create a
website with the right technology and design that’ll convert random site visitors into paying customers


Here at Whitestar Media, we understand the wordpress ecosystem. We build wordpress websites that are fast, secure and powerful.

Responsive Design

We create websites with web pages that render well on all devices and screen resolutions. This allows for good user experince for site visitors

UI/UX Design

Here we combine functionality with design and aesthetics with our fine blend of UI and UX design that will keep your site visitors coming back.

Web Optimization

Here we employ the right technology and strategies to improve your website performance, drive traffic and increase conversions.

Website Security

We employ the right technology in securing your website from external attacks from hackers, bots and spywares

Error / Bug Fixing

We'll help you to fix your website errors and front-end bugs so that your website can operate and function optimally.

Web Streamlining Strategy

At Whitestar Media, we combine technology and design with a fine taste for aesthetics. We create websites that stand out.