Welcome to Whitestar Media Ltd!
Emmanuel Plaza, Izuoma-Asa, Oyigbo R/S

Video Editing/Animation

We utilize relevant softwares to create stunning videos, photo slides & animations!

We edit and publish quality videos and animations for your marketing campaigns

At Whitestar Media, we employ visual persuasion in the form of videos, photo slides and animations to drive business ideas and promote brands.

Video Editing

Edit your videos like movies. At Whitestar Media, we utilize relevant software to create stunning videos with brilliant effects to meet your business needs.


We use brilliant animations to drive business ideas and promote brands. We also create animated explainer videos you need to pass your messages across to potential customers.

Communicating Ideas in Business & Marketing

We use videos & animations to capture the essence of your brand and express exactly what you want your audience to understand about your product/service


We create videos and animations that is focused on selling, promoting or creating awareness about brands, products and services.

Product Launches

We create videos and animations for product launches. To give a detailed description of the product or service being launched.

Social Media

Here at Whitestar Media, we create quality video and animation contents for social media influencers and enthusiasts.


We also create short videos and animations that can be used to educate your audience on the use and benefits of a product or service.